A downloadable game for Windows

My GBJAM 5 entry. This is a randomly generated dungeon crawler.

Use arrows to move, ctrl to shield, space to attack.

If stuck, R to restart, and escape to quit.

Gamepad is supported,

It's rough around the edges, contains a few bugs to solve, and is meagre in content: the idea is to expand on this version as much as possible, with new content and variations. In that regard, every feedback is welcome :)

Version 0.1.1 correct a lot of bugs, in the procedural generation, object spawning and a bug in automatic texture adaptation. More importantly, it fixes the bug that made some dungeons impossible to finish because of a wall in front of the final door.

Install instructions

Single .exe, no installation required.


Rogue_Boy.exe 2 MB
Rogue_Boy_0_1_1.exe 2 MB